Nutball Kit

Nutball Kit

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"Having Fun Doesn't Have to be Expensive or Time Consuming"
Thanks to  Frank Weaver we have this fantastic flying machine The Nutball !
Made From EPP weather will not hurt it !

One of the Easiest Kits Ever...
 Why spend hours building a kit when you can be flying in minutes?

The Basic $39.00 kit includes

Here's What You Get:

  1. 9 mm EPP Laser Cut Parts, Slot and Tab Construction
  2. Wheels
  3. Wire Landing Gear
  4. Control Rods
  5. Control Horns
  6. Wood Motor Mount
  7. All the Carbon you Need

Time Tested Design

Pre-Tested by Hundreds of Modelers and well documented on RC Groups

Recommended Electronics/Power Pack

Blue Wonder Power Pack
(1) Blue Wonder 2730-1300KV or 1700 KV Motor
(1) 3mm prop saver 
(1) Lazertoyz 10 amp ESC
(2) 9gr Budget Servos
(2) Linkage Stoppers
(2) Propellers 8X6 DD 

The Nutball is the Solution
to the everyday Boring Foamie.

Designed by Frank Weaver, the Nutball is an outstanding trainer that is exceptionally easy to Fly.  But if you're a Nut,  just turn up the throttle and the controls, and your heart rate is Guaranteed to Rise.  I am totally amazed at how maneuverable this plane is, much more than most combat planes.  Hovering and Harriers are a breeze.
  • Lightweight Flexible EPP Foam Airframe Bounces Back from Mishaps with the Ground. Less Repair, More Flying!
  • Extremely Easy to Repair at the Field using Standard CA or Hot Glue. Repairs are Fast, Simple and Invisible.
  • Very Easy to Assemble. All Parts Lock in Place. Build it Quick, Go Fly!
  • Kits Contain All Control Linkage. No Need to Run to the Store.
  • Lots of Carbon. Engineered to be Flexible, yet stiff, in Flight.
  • All Control Surfaces come Pre-Beveled. Spend your time FLYING not BUILDING!
 But Wait!  Get the Nutball and All the Electronics for Just $89.99  

Blue Wonder Power Pack
(1) Blue Wonder 2730-1300KV Motor
(1) Lazertoyz 10 amp ESC
(2) 9gr Budget Servos
(2) Linkage Stoppers
(2) 8X6 DD Props

NutBall Directions in PDF

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