The BFV Complete Kit Pre-sale

The BFV Complete Kit Pre-sale

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Introducing the 30% bigger Vortex: The BFV

We are offering the The New BFV with the Power Pack for Just $49.00.

The BFV; THE Big Freekin Vortex, is 30% bigger than the vortex you have all come to love  to fly.  The power pack is the CF2812, 20 amp ESC, 2 9 gram servos, and the 8x4 prop. Will take the 1000 to 1300 mAh lipo.  It flies just as amazing as the original vortex but just a little more to love at slower speeds.
The BFV is made of XPS Foam, with carbon fiber reinforcement, this is a very easy build.  The BFV will do a vertical take off, super fun at slow speeds, but great straight up vertical climb and also agile at fast speeds.
Simply head to The BFV to get your pre released BVF. We are offering the BFV for an amazing low price of $49.00. But be quick! After Labor Day, this sale is over and you'll have missed your chance.  

We will ship on friday Sept 7, 2018.

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